First African-American StuntwomanTrailblazerFeatured Stuntwoman BookCreative and Executive ProducerFounder

First African-American Stuntwoman

To Stunt Coordinate a Big Budget Project: HBO Special "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge"

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African-American Stuntwoman Inductee 2016 Smithsonian Museum Exhibit

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Featured Stuntwoman Book

Stuntwomen: The Untold Story

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Creative and Executive Producer

Action Icon Awards


Diamond in the Raw Foundation

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LaFaye Baker has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and has over 135 credits in the industry as a Stunt Performer alone.

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First African-American Stuntwoman –

to Stunt Coordinate a Big Budget Project:  HBO Special “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge”


Founder of the Diamond In The Raw Foundation –

 Film Program for Foster Care and Under-Served Teen Girls


Featured Stuntwoman Book –

Stuntwomen:  The Untold Story


Creator / Executive Director – 

Action Icon Awards




The Diamond in the RAW organization encourages teen girls to dream big and pursue extraordinary S.T.E.A.M. professions, executive level and entertainment related careers.

Within our programs we use creativity and the arts to inspire positive change and encourage those who are in doubt to find their own self worth and believe in unlimited possibilities. Additionally, we host a variety of fundraisers to support our mission, such as the Diamond in the RAW Celebrity & Stuntwomen’s Awards Luncheon.

Why You  Should Care

Because flying off of buildings without wings, even in Hollywood takes some serious stones — and it
takes even more to give the next generation a chance to do the same.



La Faye Baker Announces The Launch Of Her Brand New Website!

La Faye Baker is pleased to announce the launch of her brand new website!
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LA FAYE BAKER: XFINITY Black History Month
XFINITY Black History Month Commercial Featuring La Faye Baker.
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It’s about that time, to TAKE your plan 2 to the next LEVEL
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La Faye Baker: Stuntwomen – The Untold Hollywood Story

La Faye Baker Featured in Stuntwomen – The Untold Hollywood Story by
Mollie Gregory
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