Featuring La Faye Baker on The Christina Silva Show


Overcoming Obstacles With Outstanding Outcomes
November 4, 2020
Hosted by Christina Silva of The Christina Silva Show Educating Our Veterans Lives

Episode Description

From the Guinness Book of World Records Achievement to founding the Action Icon Awards, La Faye Baker is a true Diamond in the Raw. La Faye Baker is the First African American Stunt Woman to coordinate HBO’s big-budget project titled: Introducing Dorothy Dandridge starring Halle Berry. Among many trials and triumphs, La Faye has performed at her best in charity. With a winning attitude she empowers young women in the community. La Faye’s mission in the entertainment industry, predominantly lead by men, is to coordinate and fairly lead projects. Listen in to hear her strategies, mental and physical fortitude, higher education studies, and motivations that La Faye Baker masters to continue to strive to become a great legend in honor of her family name and heritage. Also joining us on The Christina Silva Show is a long-time friend, supporter, and Founder of Beverly Hills Webs and The Cheryle Mask, Cheryle Bernard. Educating Our Veterans Live about Equality for Women in Business Now.