What it’s like to be a Black Female Stunt Performer

Seven women from three generations share their experiences — the good and the bad

La Faye Baker

“If you conceive it, believe it, you can achieve it. And I try to instill that into these young ladies.”


LaFaye Baker has stunted in such movies as Green LanternDon’t be a Menace in South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the HoodCluelessThe Nutty Professor and What’s Love Got to Do with It. She is the co-founder of Diamond in the Raw, a nonprofit organization that teaches foster care and at-risk teen girls ages 12-18 the world of production. She’s also the co-creator of the Action Icon Conference/Awards, an awards ceremony honoring the work of stuntwomen and actresses in the movie industry. Baker was the first African-American woman to coordinate a big-budget production film and aspires to become a full-time stunt coordinator.

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